From 1 April 2023, the local authority in Cumbria changed, with 2 new unitary councils replacing the current county council and 6 district councils.  The 2 new authorities are Cumberland, and Westmorland and Furness. The new authorities have decided it makes sense for a number of services to still be provided together across both new council areas, and adoption is one of these services. So, while the adoptions service staff will all be employed by Cumberland, we will provide services equally across both authorities. This means we can still provide the same level of service for children, adopters, adopted adults and birth families with little or no disruption.   

Cumbria Adoption provides a range of adoption services: 

  • Recruit, train, and assess prospective adopters
  • Support prospective adopters through the matching and placement process up until the granting of an adoption order
  • Assist in the planning and placement for adoption of children who are unable to be cared for within their birth families 
  • Offer ongoing support to families following the Adoption Order which includes advice and information, assessments for specific services including therapy, workshops, support groups and family events
  • Work with adopted adults to help them to access their birth records and act as intermediary if they seek contact with birth relatives
  • Have a dedicated worker to support birth families during the adoption process. 

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