Ava-Jo, 3, and Amy-Lee, 2

Two girls


Concerns about the children when they were living with their birth parents centred on witnessing domestic violence fuelled by alcohol misuse, poor diet and home conditions, along with sporadic attendance at routine health appointments.

Both girls have good general health.

Ava’s speech was delayed but she has made excellent progress since coming into foster care.

Amy appears to be meeting all developmental milestones for her age.

Adopters need to be aware that it is not known what extent the birth mother misused alcohol when pregnant with Amy-Lee.

We are seeking an adoptive placement where the children can be placed together and adopters who will commit to promoting contact with the children’s older brother who is already in an adoptive placement.

  • This is a composite case study to illustrate the children who are being placed for adoption. All names are changed and the photograph is a model image.