Our adoption letterbox service is a confidential and secure way of exchanging information between the birth family and adoptive family. 

Cumbria Adoption has a dedicated and experienced Letterbox Co-ordinator who is able to offer advice and support.

The service offers:

  • Managing the system of exchanges for all children with post adoption letterbox agreements.
  • Opening and checking of correspondence to identify support needs, ensure confidentiality and check that the terms of the agreement are being met.
  • Support in writing letters can be arranged.
  • Mediation with all parties to ensure that what is agreed meets the child's needs.
  • Reviews of letterbox agreements, (post adoption only) if appropriate.
  • Setting up new agreements post adoption, only if appropriate.
  • Support and advice around social networking issues.


Leaflets offering further advice on letterbox:


If you have a query regarding our Letterbox service or would like some support  you can: